By: Sahbria McLetchie

The month of March marks the beginning of the season of new beginnings, the Spring. Many changes take place during the Spring, both in the environment and within one’s self. The sun shines brighter and longer, the air begins to heat up, animals come out of hibernation, trees get back their leaves, flowers blossom, and the earth seems to come back to life.

As the Earth awakens refreshed and a year older, so does our population. The spring season is not only a pivotal point for the environment, but also for us. While the earth is springing back into life, this provides us with a wonderful opportunity to grow and advance as healthy, aging people. Many people partake in spring cleaning to represent throwing away or cleaning up the unnecessary things in our lives, leaving room only for what matters most. This gives us the perfect opportunity to clean up our lifestyles. There are physical changes to the environment that come with the changing of the season that promotes healthy lifestyle choices as we get older. Healthy lifestyle decisions that were made difficult for the older population during the harsh winter are now made simpler and more fun with the coming spring season. For example, the temperature increase allows us to take our workouts outside where we can enjoy natural vitamins we receive from the sunlight by taking a walk, going to the park, or maybe starting a garden. Produce and vegetation are harvested after the harsh winter, making healthy organic fruits and vegetables more accessible so we can include them in our diets. Aside from the environmental benefits for health, the spring time is also a great time to go get your annual check-ups with your primary health care providers, optometrists, and audiologists to monitor our changes in health as we age.       

Overall, the coming of spring provides us the opportunity to reclaim our health naturally. The spring season is representative of new growth, positivity, life, health, and more. Carl Friedrich Gauss states “Life is like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.”  Let’s use this spring season to grow and develop as healthy aging people, taking advantage of all of the natural resources mother nature has to offer.


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